Charles McRaven consults with individuals, organizations and educational institutions for the on-site restoration, moving and building of log, stone and post&beam structures as well as water mills, covered bridges and blacksmithing. As a consultant, he advises before the project begins, during project planning as well as during the work itself. While McRaven cannot actually restore every hands-on project he studies, clients value his knowledge acquired over the last 60+ years. Since these projects will cost many tens of thousands of dollars, clients tell him this knowledge makes them wiser consumers.
     Services: Consultations give clients invaluable decision-making information. Restoration is a time-consuming, big-ticket effort. The follow-up Report becomes the guideline for deciding how to or even whether to restore.
     On-site: McRaven will come to the site, inspect the structures and talk about his observations with the client. He will spend as much time on site as necessary to evaluate the situation. A mid-day meal needs to be provided by the client.
     If the structure is not restorable or if it is not cost-effective to do so, he will be forthright and advise the client. If, in his experience, the project is feasible, he will say so. The observations of this visit as well as other analysis will be included in the Report.
     Costs and Payment: The basic consultation fee is to be paid by the client on-site at time of the consultation. The additional costs are billed with the Report.
     The basic consultation fee is $1,500 plus all expenses including travel, meals, and lodging for McRaven and his assistant as well as services requested, if any, by the client while on-site or en route to the site. Travel is charged at $1.00 per mile round trip if McRaven drives to the site. If he flies to the site, airfare for him and one assistant must be provided as well as any additional travel expenses including ground transportation.
     Contact McRaven for further details via email, telephone, or snail mail.
     Appointments: McRaven weaves consultations in between hands-on work and makes time for them at the client's convenience.
     McRaven’s consultation services are separate from the actual work recommended. The craftsman of the client’s choice will do the actual work. Having McRaven or his crew do some or all of the work might be an option. At a later time, subsequent work for the client (such as the hands-on restoration, construction work, house design or making working drawings) is done under separate contract arrangements.

Please contact McRaven for further details via e-mail, telephone or snail mail.

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